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We make it our daily duty to give you simple, flexible, legally effective solutions that will secure your path to success.

Reaching goals is not negotiable. Goals can only be negotiated before they are defined. Once set, they must be accomplished at all costs. That's why we aim to provide ideas and legal solutions to help you reach your goals in such a way as to optimally balance the resources, costs, and time allocated by all the parties involved.

Our mission is to give companies and entrepreneurs the legal support they need to set and accomplish their goals, thus helping them successfully expand and secure their business.

The legal solution that can set you apart from your competition involves:

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Flexibility towards our client's requests
  • Creativity in finding the fastest solution
  • Anticipating your opponent's actions
  • Stability concerning the solutions suggested
  • Cooperation with the most dedicated providers of related services
  • Cost control in line with the client's budget allocation

Our team addresses the entrepreneurial environment with businesses of all sizes. We are committed to providing the best custom solution to match every client's needs – the solution that will set you apart from your competition.

Our involvement in a company's day-to-day operation goes towards securing existing investments, restructuring the current activity, reducing commercial risks, and reaching a high level of productivity.

Our clients operate in widely diverse fields (banking, public administration, non-profit, medical, real estate, constructions, trade, renewable energy, the media, logistics, IT, agriculture), but they all share one dream: to become an established name in their field. Our clients' commitment and dedication inspire us to contribute to making their dream come true as soon as possible.

One team, one purpose: to see your goals accomplished.

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Simple, flexible, legally effective solutions

Contract consultancy

Properly calibrated commercial contracts foster performance while deterring disputes. If a dispute becomes unavoidable, it is important to have a contract that secures both your protection and the means to have the non-compliant party sanctioned and your possible losses covered. Signing new contracts is as important for your business as it is to identify reasonable, profitable, and fair terms for all parties involved.


We set up turnkey companies by taking over all the tasks and helping our clients choose the right type of company for them and avoid cumbersome, time-consuming procedures. However, we believe that setting up the company is only the first step into the business world, and managing the internal relationships within companies is just as important as developing them.

Commercial and civil disputes

The diversity and complexity of court assistance and representation are ubiquitously known. Nevertheless, all legal cases share two common denominators: the contract and the law. That's why we are prepared to provide efficient representation services in disputes belonging to the following fields: civil, commercial, administrative, taxation, insurance, real estate, business, and banking.

Administrative and tax disputes

Highly volatile tax laws and personal or institutional abuses committed by tax officials during inspections can seriously disrupt a company's business. We believe that adapting tax solutions to legislation changes is a must if your company is to reach financial productivity; at the same time, any abuses by state institutions must be punished by the court.

Mergers and acquisitions

Whether they concern one business division or an entire company, acquisitions are not part of a company's day-to-day operation and can turn out to be real endurance tests for those involved. Choosing a team of professionals that deal with this on a regular basis can synthesize and simplify the multitude of information you need to manage when taking decisions.

Real estate

The practical realization of the business potential of land and buildings requires an active management of your rights and obligations, which is why we believe that being passive and not exercising your rights is not the winning solution.


Identifying possible financial problems as early as possible and initiating a strategy to ensure business continuity is a challenge which, in today's economic context, can only be overcome by implementing objective solutions.

Labour law

The legislation regulating this field is a very sensitive one, which is why not knowing how to manage the employer-employee relationship can cause a company uncontrollable losses.


Intellectual property and information technology are two interrelated and constantly evolving fields. That's why stakeholders need to follow a strategy to realize the full potential of the business and adapt to the legislation of the different countries in which they operate or their business partners are located.


We believe the quality of medical services is essential in a society that claims to be taking care of the future generations. Ignoring patient rights or disregarding medical procedures can produce adverse effects with very strong implications.

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